Foto di luisa Quaglia, guida turistica e archeologa

Luisa Quaglia – Archaeologist and Tourist Guide   

I have to admit that I took some time before understanding what I would do when I grow up. At the age of 40 I got it!

After graduation I was sure to became a graphic designer. In 2009 I took my master degree in Archaeology with full marks.

I worked as archaeologist around Tuscany, Southern Italy and abroad. However, in 2011, I decided to take a break and fly to London.

I like England very much but I have to leave it soon to run a farm in Tuscany with my partner (now husband). But the heart is always there…Archaeology.

Over the year I managed an archaeological park , and collaborated with some strong>archaeological museums, especially with the Volterra one. These experiences allowed me to understand that I love divulgation, the educational activities for schools and create ad hoc events for archaeology.

Wait a minute! Maybe the perfect job for me is the Tour Guide! Yeah it’s right…I love talking about culturemeeting new people and I have free entrance in museums! What else? 

But of course the path ahead wasn’t an easy one. A very long and hard tour guide course awaited me but I was optimistic, confident of my imminent personal fulfilment, a reward for so much commitment and work, even if I would never have imagined what would happen a month after the qualification exam.

In December 2019, happy and satisfied with my coveted license, I immediately realize that many of my course colleagues are already ready for the assault of the tourism market. But not me, I, as usual, did not feel ready and not even equal to it. So I ponder, procrastinate and suddenly I’m so busy doing something else not to think about how to introduce myself in the industry. But something else will make me take a different turn….

After taking my beloved license, everywhere you heard about an agrressive flu virus. Everything stops. We all know the sad story of Covid-19.

During the lockdown, I decided to continue studying, to learn more about that town rather than that church, and I promised myself, when the quarantine was over, I would visit that village, that museum, that site, to taste different dishes or try typical Tuscan recipes at home, not to mention the wine!

In short, there is still a Tuscany to discover! The real one, the authentic one, made of ancient stories, works of art, breathtaking landscapes, people who live there and who have been “transforming” it for generations with their work and love for this territory.

This year made me think about what kind of tour guide I want to be: me! I know, it may seem trivial but I assure you that it was not easy for me at all to get there ’cause everybody says that I have to do tours that tend to be “mass”: maximum output with minimum effort.

It could be… but I don’t think so!