Archaeo-Hiking Montesiepi – San Galgano

San Galgano

The imposing abbey that stands in the Val di Merse is dedicated to Galgano Guidotti whose story is concentrated in the nearby hermitage of Montesiepi. The story is that of a young knight who lived in the Middle Ages and during his youth lives in a dissolute way, he feels lost and without purpose in life, but then something so unexpected happens that will make him radically change his mind and immortalize him in history. The archaeo-trekking that I propose consists in touching the significant places of the life and conversion of San Galgano: a ring that starts from Monticiano and arrives at the Abbey of San Galgano and the hermitage of Montesiepi meeting the river Merse, panoramic points and woods. As soon as you get to San Galgano you will immediately feel that this is a mystical and legendary place, also because here is preserved his sword stuck in the rock. Surely the myth of King Arthur, the knights and his round table will come to your mind, but here, in San Galgano, it’s a different story!

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