Archaeo-Hiking Murlo


It is precisely from the tombs that we have been able to obtain the most information about Etruscan civilization. The inhabited areas are rare because they were built with perishable materials or in any case had to undergo destruction due to man or time. However, in Etruria we have two documented Etruscan pal aces which are evident dwellings of the lords of the time and one is in Acquarossa (Viterbo), other traces of a noble palace have been found in Castelnuovo Berardenga (not visible) and the other is in Murlo. The trekking proposes a circular walk, very scenic, which will allow us to visit the major archaeological sites of Murlo until we return to the village where, in the ancient bishop’s palace, has been set up the Etruscan museum that collects the findings from the sites we visited. The Antiquarium of Poggio Civitate preserves traces of domestic architecture, finds regarding food and the economic, political, social and religious aspects of an Etruscan community governed by an aristocratic family during the 7th and 6th centuries BC.

Trail length: 5 km
Height difference: 124 meters