Archaeo-Hiking San Gimignano

San Gimignano dalla campagna

A ring circuit. We start from San Gimignano with its history, we go into the immediate countryside dotted with vineyards and scenic spots, and then return to the town. Our stages will be along the stretch of the Francigena road, from Porta San Giovanni to Porta San Matteo, stopping at some of the most important churches, Piazza della CisternaPiazza de Duomo and the Fortezza. For this tour, for the naturalistic part, we will be accompanied by an environmental guide so that you can have an exhaustive picture of San Gimignano and its countryside famous for the cultivation of Vernaccia and saffron. Like the others presented here, this is a “slow tour” which means you will have plenty of time to get involved in the local culture with awareness. Depending on availability there is also the possibility of stopping at a winery to learn about the production process of vernaccia (from cultivation to bottling). In short, an experience that will reactivate all your senses! 😉

Duration: 4 hours
Length of route: 8 km
Difference in altitude 340 metres