Archaeo-Hiking Siena

The Middle Ages have always been considered a dark age, but this myth has now been dispelled, and Siena is proof of this! Especially during the late Middle Ages it saw its period of maximum splendor: it is a thriving city that teems with merchants and bankers, pilgrims who traveled along the Francigena to reach the holy city; workshops of artisans and artists such as Duccio di BuoninsegnaSimone MartiniPietro and Ambrogio Lorenzetti; public and religious works such as the Palazzo Pubblico, the Cathedral and the “Spedale” of Santa Maria della Scala. These traces of Siena’s glorious past are famous all over the world, but there are still traces that exist but are little known, hidden among the bricks and stones of the city: traces of ancient tower-housescastles, and city gates. The still living presence of names that bring us back to an even more distant past, to the presence of kings, bishops, saints and knights. Places that have seen long battles, rebellions, violent deaths and deeds of heroes. Signs of history that can still be seen but that are hidden in little frequented corners or in places where even passing by every day you notice them only if you have a keen eye, yet they are there for centuries to fight against time, memory and man.

Duration: 4 hours
Length of route: 5 km