Archaeo-Hiking Volterra

Volterra Porta all'arco

The entire village is an archaeological site, a concentration of EtruscanRoman and medieval remains that you do not expect to find in such a small village and instead just walk through its picturesque streets that at some point you find a Roman theater and the baths, on the walls of the buildings embedded boxes of Etruscan urns. If you go to relax in the park, in front of you will find the imposing Medici fortress and behind theEtruscan acropolis and an underground Roman cistern . You can still see sections of the Etruscan walls and many of the medieval ones with its gates. In Piazza dei Priori and in the adjacent cathedral relive the era of the communal age and the previous one of the bishop-counts. I could stand here and list so many other fascinating historical/archaeological testimonies, but really, it wouldn’t give the idea. You have to come and see them in person!

Duration: 4 hours
Length of route: 6 km