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pieve di Ponte allo Spino sullo sfondo, in primo piano fiat 500 d'epoca

The parish church of Ponte allo Spino

In the plain below Sovicille, there is the oldest church (perhaps) of the Sienese diocese. Everyone calls it Ponte allo Spino because of the stream of the same name but, in reality, it is the parish church of S. John the Baptist. Like all churches, it stood on important communication routes: the Roman road that …

torre del porcellino Volterra Pisa

Mouse or Pig?

I’ll give you some clues: Piazza dei Priori, Volterra. It seems that this tower belonged to the Topi family. Then you will say: “it’s a mouse!” Wait… But then, the Municipality bought the tower in the 13th century to house the Podestà and also the prisons that remained here until the 19th century. On the …

tarsia dell'Allegoria del Colle della Sapienza

Zeno’s Adventure

Zeno is on his boat in the open sea, in his way back from Phenicia with his cargo of purple. He is over 30 now, he has gained experience as a merchant, he knows the risks of the trade, most of all the navigation one. But experience is never enough when you have to deal …