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Siena Via fosso di sant'ansano con facciata santa maria della scala

Via Fosso di Sant’Ansano – Siena

Siena, Piazza della Postierla, better known as “Quattro Cantoni”.  Its name derives from latin “posterula”, little gate. This led to a ditch along a precipice where were the ancient walls of Siena with its charcoal pits.  The medieval Hospital of Saint Mary of the Ladder buys this space from Municipality ‘cause it needs to expand.  However, the expansion …

torre del porcellino Volterra Pisa

Mouse or Pig?

I’ll give you some clues: Piazza dei Priori, Volterra. It seems that this tower belonged to the Topi family. Then you will say: “it’s a mouse!” Wait… But then, the Municipality bought the tower in the 13th century to house the Podestà and also the prisons that remained here until the 19th century. On the …