“So, you are an archaeologist? Oh, I’m sorry”! They said that to me at every job interview.

Honestly I have never regretted the path I chose because studying archaeology and art history made me better appreciate my daily life, and everything around me, being able to see the harmony and beauty that I have around me.

I can’t get that out of my head!

This is why I decided to share my experiences with you through tours created by me, the result of my studies and my personal experiences which, therefore, take more into consideration the historical-archaeological contexts.

These tours are different from the standard, mass, which proposes to visit several places in one day or which don’ t involve the participants. It takes time to enjoy the experience, then: NO to the “hit and run”, YES to curiosity ; to sharing a few hours with people who have a passion in common with you; to immerse yourself in the history of the toen, in its uniqueness and beauty. Let’s interrupt the daily routine and (re)discover new sensations, reflections and knowledge!

I strongly believe that listening to stories and being able to identify with the characters or artists who have in some way participated in the identity of a territory, gives us the opportunity to learn useful lessons for our lives by opening our minds to new ideas and emotions.


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