About me

Hi there! I’m Luisa Quaglia and this is my blog about culture, experiences, and lifestyle in Tuscany, for those who already know this amazing Region or for those who want to know it better.

I studied archaeology in Siena. After my master’s degree, I’ve “dug” as an archaeologist in several areas in Italy and abroad too. When I’ve come back I worked in the archaeological museum of Volterra as a guide for students and then I co-run an archaeological park in Elba Island.

Those latest experiences have let me appreciate disclosure so I’ve decided to become a tour guide: the best choice of my life! I love to meet new people and share with them my interests. Often A beautiful harmony is created with many of them that lead us to stay in touch and become friends.

A good part of the people I meet aren’t Italians and this is to me a chance to know other cultures, a kind of a neverending journey. Terrific to me!

I love this job and I love to do it in Tuscany, a Region where art, history, nature, and traditions are perfectly balanced. In fact, here I decided to create my family and manage an Agriturismo with my husband Luigi, our little one Alice and two perpetually ravenous cats, Angus and Marla.

So this is me and in this post, you can read what I love most!
If you are reading this you likely have the same interests as me. So let’s know each other better!
You can find me every day on Instagram or Facebook or feel free to contact me via mail or WhatsApp.