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Piazza del campo durante il palio

Piazza del Campo

The first warm sun of spring, but it’s still cold in the shade. I sit down on the warm bricks, lean back with my hands, and stretch my legs. I can’t eat the ciaccino yet, it’s too hot. The swallows fly all around while the pigeons approach you to pick up some crumbs. The light …

Particolare piazza del campo, sotto palazzo pubblico una scopa da netturbino appoggiata ad un colonnino

The origins of the Befana

Needless to say, we inherited the character of the Befana from the Romans. During the twelve nights following the winter solstice, the Romans dedicated themselves to celebrations for the birth of nature, during which mysterious female figures, guided by Diana, flew over the fields to make them more fertile. Another hypothesis has it that the flying women …

tarsia dell'Allegoria del Colle della Sapienza

Zeno’s Adventure

Zeno is on his boat in the open sea, on his way back from Phenicia with his cargo of purple. He is over 30 now, he has gained experience as a merchant, he knows the risks of the trade, most of all the navigation one. But experience is never enough when you have to deal …