Hi! I’m Luisa, an italian licensed tour guide. I’ve created the “Lou On Tour” website to guide you to discover one of the most loved Italian regions, Tuscany.

On this site, you’ll find destinations guides, travel tips, insights into art, archeology, history, food, and wine (search by categories).

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Foto di luisa Quaglia, Archaeologist and Tour Guide
Luisa Quaglia Archaeologist and Tour Guide

Hi there! I’m Luisa Quaglia and this is my blog about culture, experiences, and lifestyle in Tuscany, for those who already know this amazing Region or for those who want to know it better.

I studied Archaeology in Siena. After my master’s degree, I’ve “dug” as an archaeologist in several areas in Italy and abroad too. When I’ve come back I worked in the archaeological museum of Volterra as a guide for students and then I co-run an archaeological park in Elba Island.

Those latest experiences have let me appreciate…continue here


pieve di Ponte allo Spino sullo sfondo, in primo piano fiat 500 d'epoca

Even if you have always lived in a city, it does not always mean that you know it well, in-depth, right down to the roots.

I’ve figured out this during my studies: when I thought I knew everything about a site or a work of art, facts, and events that I didn’t know would pop up! Doh!

You never stop learning and this stimulates me a lot!

This is why I decided to explore more in-depth Tuscany, continue to study, and share with you the things I have discovered and learned and of course, that I loved most!

I hope that in this way you too begin to see this land as I see it: unique!

So…let’s start our exploration here!

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Enjoy 😉