torre del porcellino Volterra Pisa
I’ll give you some clues: Piazza dei Priori, Volterra. It seems that this tower belonged to the Topi family. Then you will say: “it’s a mouse!” Wait…
But then, the Municipality bought the tower in the 13th century to house the Podestà and also the prisons that remained here until the 19th century. On the floor of the chapel there was even a trapdoor through which the corpses of the executed were thrown. And at the top of the tower there was the Bell of Justice, so-called because it rang only to announce capital executions.
So, is it the Podestà? No way!
Well, until the 19th century for the Volterra people it is a mouse but then they change their minds: it is true that in Volterra you eat very well but mice so…fat
So they opt for a pig and perhaps they are right because during some restorations, another image depicting a pig emerges: an emblem of a family? Who Knows…
Ok but it looks like a tapir, isn’t it?